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Official Name Republic of Armenia
Form of Government Republic



Armenia is a landlocked country in Asia Minor, between the Black and the Caspian Seas, bordered on the north and east by Georgia and Azerbaijan and on the south and west by Iran and Turkey.

The terrain is mostly mountainous, with fast flowing rivers and few forests. The climate is highland continental: hot summers and cold winters. The land rises to 4,095 m above sea-level at Mount Aragats, and no point is below 400 m. Mount Ararat, a well known Armenian symbol, is the highest mountain in the region and used to be part of Armenia up until around 1915 when Turkey took over land from Armenia.

The country is protected from the worst of Russia's harsh winters by the Caucasus Mountains, and consequently much of its weather blows in from Persia and Syria, making for hot summers that peak somewhere around 34�C (93�F) in July. November to April/May is the wettest season, but even then rainfall is minimal. The mountains in the south are covered with snow during winter. At regions about midway in altitude, January can yield a daytime temperature range of between -2�C (29�F) to -25�C (-13�F)

Geographical Region Europe
Capital City Yerevan
- Latitude 40° 10' 52" N
- Longitude 44° 30' 49" E
- Time Zone UTC+4
Area - Land 28,400 sq km
- Water 1,400 sq km
- TOTAL 29,800 sq km
- Highest Point 4090m, Aragats Lerrnagagat'
- Lowest Point 400m, Debed River
Time Zones Single timezone UTC+4
- East UTC+4
- West UTC+4


Population 2,982,904 (200)
Languages - Official Armenian
- Other languages Yezidi (Kurd), Russian
Religion - Official Armenian Apostol
- Other religions other Christian (4%), Yezidi (1%)


Currency Armenian Dram (A)
- Exchange rate iTourist recommends the Personal Currency Assistant
Gross Domestic Product as of 200
- Total USD $136500
- Per Capita USD $4,600
- Growth 9%


- Country Dialling Code +37 (replace the "+" with your international dialling prefix)
- International Prefix 00
- National Prefix 8
- Emergency Number
Electrical - voltage 220 volts
- Frequency Hz
- Outlet type
- Drives on Right (vehicles are left-hand drive)
- Airports
   (3 found)
Shirak Airport
Stepanavan Airport
Zvartnots International Airport
- Airlines
   (3 found)
Atlantis European Airways
Other Useful Info
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