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A province in Argentina, Tucumán is located in the northwest of the country. Known as The Garden of the Republic, Tucumán is the front door to the Argentine North, a region that is important along with the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Salta, Jujuy and Catamarca. The border with Bolivia is to the north and Chile to the West. San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital city of this region.

Densely populated compared to other regions, Tucumán is the smallest in size. The region offers extraordinary nature, the magic of the resistances, and diversity in landscape. Within the region are plains and mountains along with forests, barren earth, modern cities, calm towns, and indigenous ruins.

To the west there are high summits with numerous river basins, rivers, valleys, and a vast area of plains to the east. As a result of its size, you only need to travel short distances to get around this province.


The climate of this region is characterized as subtropical during the dry season. With the varying terrain, there are also a variety of microclimates. The west has a mountain subtropical climate, while Calchaquíes Valley averages 18.6 ºC in the summer, but in the winter it averages 8 ºC. In the plains the average temperature in winter is 10 ºC whereas in summer, the longest part of the year in this zone, the temperature reaches a maximum of 35 ºC. The rainy season occurs in the summer here and as a result of the abundant rain, there is lots of vegetation that justifies the title of Jardín de la República ("Garden of the Republic").

Getting to Tucumán

By Auto: The Panamerican Highway (Route 9) crosses San Miguel de Tucumán and connects it with Santiago del Estero and Buenos Aires. The city also serves as a mid-stop for tourists visiting other provinces of the Argentine Northwest.

By Bus: The city of San Miguel de Tucumán has one of the largest bus stations in Argentina and is served by many bus lines that have routes within the city limits and some others that connect it to the neighboring cities of Yerba Buena, El Manantial, Tafi Viejo, Las Talitas, Banda del Rio Salí and Alderetes.

By Air: To reach San Miguel de Tucumán by air, Aeropuerto Teniente General Benjamin Matienzo (TUC) has daily service from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Santiago del Estero. The airport is 12km west of the city.

By Rail: There is a weekly railway service to the Retiro station in Buenos Aires departing from the Bartolomé Mitre station located near downtown

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