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Here you’ll find a myriad of ethnic and language groups, extremely varied climatic and geographical conditions, and a fascinating traditional culture and history. From the Sahara desert to the equatorial grasslands or the nature reserves Lobeke, Nki and Boumba Bek. Cameroon is one of the most diverse countries in Africa and is often referred to as "Africa in miniature”. Elephants and antelope congregate by the hundreds in some of Africa's best wildlife parks, and beachcombers laze on long, isolated beaches. In Cameroon lays the highest mountain in West Africa and last but not least Cameroon is full of wonderful friendly and warm-hearted people.

Understanding the Geography

The Republic of Cameroon is a unitary republic of central and western Africa. It borders Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic to the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south. Cameroon's coastline lies on Bight of Bonny, part of the Gulf of Guinea. The country is often called "Africa in miniature" for its geological and cultural diversity.

Natural features include beaches, deserts, mountains, rainforests, and savannas. The highest point is Mount Cameroon in the southwest, and the largest cities are Douala, Yaoundé, and Garoua. The nation is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups.

Climate Conditions

Cameroon is divided into five major geographic zones distinguished by dominant physical, climatic, and vegetative features. The coastal plain extends 15–150 km (10–90 mi) inland from the Gulf of Guinea. Exceedingly hot and humid, this belt is densely forested and includes some of the wettest places on earth. The South Cameroon Plateau rises from the coastal plain to an average elevation of 650 m (2,130 ft).[43] Tropical rainforest dominates this region, although it is less humid than the coast.[44]

Understanding the Culture

The country is well known for its native styles of music, particularly Makossa and Bikutsi, and for its successful national football team. English and French are the official languages.

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