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Australia abounds with natural wonders, urban delights and ancient traditions. It is a land of amazing contrasts, steeped in history. Action and adventure, tranquility and pampering, city skylines and endless desert sands – all this and more awaits visitors to its shores.

Experience the true Aussie outback with a stay at a country homestead, joining the cattle muster or just relaxing as you watch the sun set over an endless horizon of red sands. Visit tradition Aboriginal sites and hear the stories of AustraliaÂ’s ancient Dreamtime as you learn about this ancient culture and its rich heritage.

See the icons of Australia as you travel the land. SydneyÂ’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House stand majestically against the azure waters of Sydney Harbour, the ancient monolith of Uluru rises from the desert sands and kangaroos bound across ochre sands towards an infinite horizon.

Australia is more than just its icons. From the first moment you will be welcomed by friendly locals renowned for their hospitality and openness. AustraliaÂ’s open lands have bred a country of hard working, hard playing and generous people who delight in sharing their countryÂ’s wonders with visitors. Take advantage of the locals by pulling up a seat in the pub and having a yarn to get a local insight or book into a B&B or homestay to get a taste of true Aussie life.

Adventurous travelers have found their paradise in Australia. Whether you like your thrills on land, in the air or underwater the choices are endless and the experiences are sublime. Dive into the crystal waters of hidden bays and explore pristine reefs and shipwrecks, thrill as you skydive towards rolling hills and ochre sands, race across blindingly white sand dunes in a dune buggy or plunge into the surf to swim with dolphins, sea lions or sharks. Each state offers an array of thrill-seeking experiences close to major cities and in outback settings.

If you prefer to be pampered and travel in style, enjoy 5 star luxury as you explore the country. Relax by a waterfall in an untouched forest, enjoy a massage as you gaze at crashing waves on an isolated beach or be soothed to sleep by the sounds of waves lapping against the sides of your luxury houseboat as you travel the waterways.

AustraliaÂ’s indigenous people offer an insight into their traditions and beliefs across the country. Learn about the Aboriginal dreamtime around a traditional campfire, listen to tribal elders share their peopleÂ’s heritage and connection with the land or enjoy the spectacle of an Aboriginal corroboree with dancing, music and ancient customs. Most regions of Australia have Aboriginal centres and communities ready and willing to welcome you to their culture.

Hire a car, join a tour or travel the land by train – however you get around you will soon discover that Australia is a land of variety, vitality and excitement. Self-drive holidays give you endless choices for destinations, while organized tours can help you discover hidden secrets and unique locations.

AustraliaÂ’s landscapes vary from harsh, arid deserts through to lush, vibrant rainforests and all are teeming with wildlife. AustraliaÂ’s beaches are world-renowned and offer towering cliffs pounded by massive waves, quiet secluded beaches seemingly untouched by humans and awesome surfing beaches with perfect waves rolling onto expanses of pure white sand.

Get up close and personal with native wildlife, dive into adventure, sit back and relax or wander in the footsteps of ancient people. The choices are endless, the locals friendly and the country is just waiting to be explored.

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jackbruce said:
Hmmm I somehow dont think you can encapsulate any country in a few anywhere experiences are what you make them , but I think aussie are some of the most open and honest people in the world
Posted April 16, 2009 7:15:14pm [ Reply | Report ]
jackbruce said:
and if you are looking for a place with a group of friends I have had a few great holiday rentals from this site , they are all over Oz with some really cool places, well worth a look
Posted April 16, 2009 7:15:14pm [ Reply | Report ]

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