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An archipelago abundant in nature, rich in culture, and filled with pleasant discoveries. Experience the Philippines 7,107 islands, it’s natural wonders, colourful history and warm, engaging ...
The French have made there mark here in Benin after they colonized the country, you can buy French newspapers and even buy French baguettes. In the 17th and 18th century Benin played a major roll in ...
With its easily recognisable city scape, contemporary vibe and weather that’s as warm and welcoming as its people, Sydney has put itself on the map as one of the world’s most liveable cities. ...
Manchester is the largest city in North West of England. Manchester grew to prominence as the world\'s pre-eminent cotton town. Although some textile processing still exists, the textile trade has ...
The Mecca of Roman Catholicism, Holy See (Vatican City) is the tiny, extremely rich centre of one of the world\'s largest religions. The infamous Sistine Chapel, featuring the breathtaking Creation ...

Travel News

Southwest Lands in New York City and Boston

New York City, New York, United States

The king of low cost carriers in the United States will start service to The Big Apple on June 28th and Beantown on August 16th. The latest move into New York’s LaGuardia Airport is unique; LaGuardia is one of the most congested airports in the nation, a scenario the airline has avoided in the ...

» Southwest Lands in New York City and Boston

New York City, New York, United States

» Continental 3407 Crashes outside Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, United States

Travel Features

A Glasgow Year

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Glasgow’s reputations as “The Friendly City” is reflected in a wide range of arts festivals covering all of the art forms, and in an extensive programme of cultural and sporting events. The arts festival programme runs throughout the year starting with Celtic Connections’ in January which is attended by over 100’000 people. Other music ...

US Visa Waiver and Obtaining US Travel Authorization

Washington, DC, United States

New Visa Waiver Program rules went into effect for travel to the United States at the beginning of the year. These new changes require travellers to obtain clearance to visit the United States through an online system with the US Customs and Border Protection. Apparently, this change is still catching some travellers off-guard. If you plan on ...

Weekend Taste of Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The rugged volcanic landscape of Costa Rica is rich in biodiversity and chock full of activities. Steve Richardson sets out for the tropics of Costa Rica to get his taste-buds wet as he explores this natural playground -- over a weekend.

A surfari adventure in style

Great Southern, Australia

Self-confessed city-girl  Lee Sexton from the UK recently took the plunge in Western Australia and decided to learn to surf. Lee headed down to the famous Magaret River region with H2Overland Adventures...

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