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Our greatest asset!

There's no denying it, our people are our greatest asset! The iTourist team is a very dedicated and passionate team with a great love of travelling and with many lifetimes of combined travel experiences to share. is a young and dynamic business combining extensive experience in media and information technology. We are constantly seeking fresh, innovative and enthusiastic people to join our dedicated team. If you think you have what it takes to compete in today's brave new information-intensive world then we want you to contact us.

We are based in the lovely city of Perth, the capital of Western Australia but don't let that stop you. We have a small US office in Louisville, Kentucky and other team members spread around the globe. The great thing about the internet is that you can work from almost anywhere in the world and we ARE in the travel business!

Become a contributor!

We are always looking for dymanic new content for our site, exciting adventures and stories of your experiences. If you are travelling now or have just returned home, and have some adventures you would like to share and would like to try out your journalistic skills then write us!

iTourist has both staff research writers working from our offices and travel correspondents out in the field. Our travel correspondents are volunteer travellers who have applied to become an iTourist travel correspondent and who have passed our selection criteria. You can identify a travel correspondent by their "Staff ID" card which they will be carrying with them showing their name and photo.

To find out more contact us at the address below. We love to receive stories from our fellow travellers and look forward to hearing yours. Or click here to become a travel correspondent.

Internships and Work Experience

Over the years we have worked with a number of schools and universities around the world providing a work experience and internship program for students studying in the travel and information technology industries. If you are interested in working in the iTourist intern and work experience program for course credit then please contact us and we will forward details to your institution.