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The real travel story

iTourist is the real travel story; a global social networking community loaded with useful travel tools and online travel magazine where travellers share up-to-the-minute information, tips and personal experiences, stay in touch and store memories.

This is hands-on, current information; the most valuable and unbiased resource any traveller or researcher could ask for.

Anyone intending to travel will benefit from the iTourist site, but not it's not just travellers who benefit - friends and family at home can see follow their travels and see photos as they travel.

Our more dedicated members are independent, active, adventurous and eco-aware people pursuing a passion to explore and to live life to the fullest!

iTourist is the real travel story, written by people who are living the journey.

Stories and news

Members visit iTourist to learn from the experiences of others, to prepare for their own travels and to share and revisit the romance of travel.

The site also carries news stories important to travellers, including location-specific information and country, airport and airline Fast Fact Files.

Media resources for journalists

iTourist is the ideal resource for journalists too.

We can provide background information on travel and locations including “local colour” and first hand experience.

We can comment with authority on current news stories related to travel or the experiences of people away from home and on corporate or government policies that affect travel, giving your stories added depth and balance.

About iTourist

iTourist is an Australian success story: started in early 2002, it went national in 2003 and was soon established as Australia’s leading adventure and eco-tourism website.

Demand continued strong and the site had its first major facelift in late 2004, preparatory to the start of its global expansion in early 2005.

The journey had so far taken just three years.

Steadily increasing visitor and member traffic demanded more features and site development continued at a furious pace through 2006 and 2007.

A major facelift including all new features was commenced in 2007 and launched in April 2008.

Today iTourist is the leading community-based social networking and information site for world travellers.

iTourist is a global social networking community and online travel magazine for independent, active, adventurous and eco-aware travellers who know what they want - to travel, to explore and to live life to the fullest!

iTourist offers travellers tools to assist them with their travels and to share their travels with family and friends and for people to keep in contact with family and friends on the move.

Started in early 2002, originally dealt with only Western Australia where we are based, but demand quickly made the site Australia-wide and it was expanded to include all of Australia March 1, 2003. In short-time the site became Australia's leading adventure and eco-tourism website. The site underwent it's first major facelift in September 2004.

In early 2005, three years since it's original launch, iTourist began it's expansion worldwide. As iTourist's traffic increased visitors and members began to demand more features and development continued at a furious pace through 2006 and 2007. With all the new features added to iTourist the website began a major facelift throughout 2007 which was finally launched in April 2008.

The idea behind has always been to be very much a member-orientated website, offering travellers all the information and tools they need to get the most out of thier travels. is maintained and operated by Extreme Publications, a division of MediaIQ Corporation Pty Ltd.

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